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No One Told Us the History,” a commissioned essay on a performance by Iraqi refugees and American veterans. 2018.


At thINKingDANCE: see all of my writing as editor-in-chief of thINKingDANCE. Some highlights:

And Yet We’re Still Here,” a review of an experimental dance piece by FIDGET. 2018.

Very Brutal and Very Soft,” an interview with Spanish Hiphop dancers Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez. 2018.

The Ruthless Beauty of Masculinity,” a review of nora chipaumire’s beautiful and terrifying portrait of myself as my father. 2016.


At Phindie: see all of my writing at Phindie. Some highlights:

Grief vs. Crushing Rage,” a review of a multidisciplinary performance by Sam Tower + Ensemble. 2016.

Americana Psychobabble,” a review of insane/profound performance art by Alexandra Tatarsky. 2017.


At Curate This: CT is currently experiencing technical difficulties, but some of the work is archived at Phindie:

What Theater Can Do that TV Can’t,” an essay on the virtues of experimental and small-scale theater. 2015.