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A metaphysical thriller about dying on the way to the grocery store

Written and produced by Julius Ferraro
in 2017 at Da Vinci Art Alliance
Directed by Jack Tamburri
Sound by Liz Atkinson
Featuring Christina May, Dani Solomon, Alexandra Tatarsky, Hallie Martenson, and Dan Higbee

“delightful in its absurdity and unapologetic in its disjointed form.”
– Julia Taus, Phindie

“a massage of sounds and rhythms. Being kneaded with sensations.”
– Rhonda Moore, thINKingDANCE

Artwork by Margaret Kearney



An award-winning collaborative arts publication for artists to define and drive the conversation about the arts in Philadelphia

Co-founded by Amanda V. Wagner and Julius Ferraro




Neither for the squeamish, the easily-offended, nor the grammatically conservative, my first-ever-published short story is about the persistence of life in all its forms.

Published at Anti-Herion Chic.

After the great kablooie we returned to our offices to find rubble and just the frame, we all proceeded to lie down in various parts of the rubble, one by one, those untouchable steel pillars vomiting up into the sky, and moan our exhaustion to one another, staring at one another, our libidos hung slack, like elastic underwear past its expiration, all of this not out of allegiance to the office but for the shelter of the sure, straight steel.


Artwork courtesy of Anti-Herion Chic



2014, 2016
Uh oh . . . Derek, Christian and Frank find themselves in the hands of the abominable TeamWorkShop. Trapped in a small room with no tools but their minds and one another, they can only affect their escape by ridding the office of an imaginary infestation. But are they emotionally equipped to handle the situation? Or will they fall prey to the infernal machinations of a mellifluous influence?

See a video clip of the 2014 performance here.

First presented at Collage Festival, 2014
Directed by Robert Gross
Written and performed by Julius Ferraro

Presented at Little Berlin, 2014
Directed by Manon Manavit
Written and performed by Julius Ferraro

Presented at Headlong Studios, 2016
Directed by Danielle Solomon
Written and performed by Julius Ferraro

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The Death and Painful Dismemberment of Paul W. Auster

One man’s soul struggles to adapt to a post-modern climate. Everything is arranged for Blue, a straight-laced private detective, until his identity is called into question when a case puts him face to face with his double.

Co-written by Manon Manavit and Julius Ferraro
Directed by Manon Manavit
Featuring Andrew Carroll, Julius Ferraro, and Scott Rodrigue