why would a man come to my house and ask to


why would a man come to my house and ask to borrow my child?—–they have machines in them which are designed to erase the mind—–she never had a mind to eraseshe’s not interested in anything——she liked the color blue——everything on her body is bluewhich can’t go (her body)—-she’ll lie down in the tub and put the stopper in. she lets the water flow up by her anklesshe’s so submissive and stubborn she just looks at you—–those few opinionsand about pain—-she wants to spend her life doing nothing—-the thing i still love doing with my time—–beingreading novels—–i read only the coldest most impersonal novels—-the novels which coolly say this happened then that happened then that happened



Found a chunk of text in an old journal. Made some elisions and came up with a spooky bit of family poetry. Had a really hard time formatting the poem on wordpress, particularly the full justification combined with having the correct line breaks. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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